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Welcome to Eco Rubbish Ltd Our friendly rubbish clearance teams arrive ready to take away any rubbish, junk or items that you no longer want or need. We offer a wide range of rubbish clearance and junk removal services for homes and businesses in London and around. When it comes to rubbish it is better to trust professionals like us.

Waste Collection London

We are well prepared to clear rubbish from all kind of domestic properties i.e. flats,houses, lofts, studios, basements and garages and we provide waste disposal services for offices, shops,magazines, warehouses and all other commercial premises. We can clear your property before or after builders work and collect rubbish from construction sites . Rubbish Master is always on time, with best prices and experienced team. - We can also take care of all kinds of appliances that other rubbish clearance companies do not do. Just try us.

Rubbish Collection

One of the best waste collection in London. We offer whole range of rubbish removal services tailored to your individual needs. As a rubbish company we provide the best solution, no matter if it is a small or big company, a shop or a huge factory, if you are looking for a one company for your building waste disposal or property rubbish removal or just one time or regular rubbish collection, Eco Rubbish is here for you to do all the hard work and leave your place tidy and clear of waste like never before . Our team is very friendly and professional, also we are fully licensed and insured waste disposal company for your peace of mind and a hassle free rubbish removal that will make you come back to us whenever you need.


Rubbish Clearance

Rubbish removal

Eco Rubbish offers complete house rubbish clearance from furniture, sofa, dishwasher, clothes, wardrobe, fridge, mattress, old kitchen units. You don’t need to clear the rubbish yourself...


Commercial Clearance

Removal Services

Eco Rubbish is a specialist company delivering office clearance services in London with maximum efficient sustainability and reduction of waste output financial cost...


Construction Rubbish

junk removal services

We can collect all your construction waste, from demolition and refurbishments, plasterboards, concrete paths and masonry walls etc. to all materials like scrap metal, construction steel, wood,...



6th January 2015 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eco Rubbish Ltd company for rubbish collection and regular rubbish clearance in London branch of our company also for building waste removal after our company full refurbishment that ended just a week ago . You were very helpful, always on time with friendly attitude and professional service. We will use your help from now on and I will be happy to introduce you to my friends as well.

With best regards
Dominique Sochon
Ealing Signs-Designs

2nd Feb 2015


To whom it may concern. We are very pleased with such a professional junk removal services. Rubbish Masters team was friendly, time efficient and their quotation for domestic waste clearance was very competitive. We used many junk removal companies for last few years but were never before so glad and thankful. We will also recommend your services to our friends.

Your sincerely
Aida and Alan Nelson
KT 2, Kingston

10th March 2015
Dear Eco Rubbish


I would like to take this chance to thank you for the great job you do for us with house rubbish removal and other junk removal. Always on time with nice and friendly team and low rates for such a good service. What also makes me happy is that you leave my place so clean and tidy like never before I must admit so thank you so much once again and for sure I will call you again and I will also recommend your company to all my friends and relatives to keep even more busy.

With best regards,
Anna Wiki
SW11, Battersea

October 16th, 2014


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work during our house refurbishment. We are very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism your company displayed. You are the best rubbish clearance company in London. We would definitely recommend your waste disposal company services, and will likely use them again in the near future.

thanks again
Anthony and Kate Watson
Archway, London
























Rubbish Company


Eco Rubbish offers complete property rubbish removal services from furniture, sofa, dishwasher, clothes, wardrobe, fridge, mattress, old kitchen units, etc. We are dedicated to meet all your rubbish clearance and junk removal needs . No matter if it is a general house clearance, garden waste or builders rubble, Eco Rubbish team will clear it all for you, you don't need to do it yourself, just call us and we will remove any waste and dispose the rubbish properly using all our knowledge , experience, according to safety and work regulation standards in London. Rubbish company is here for you to clear and get rid of all your waste responsibly, saving you space, time and money.


Rubbish removal London


rubbish removal


Do you and your family gets sick often? Do you find pests and insects flying around your house? Check your rubbish collection. Maybe it?s time for you to start looking for a company that provides rubbish clearance and junk removal services, such as Rubbish Masters. Good thing, a rubbish removal and rubbish clearance in London can simply ensure you a pleasing environment. It actually helps you, your family, neighbours or coworkers to stay fit and healthy. Without any rubbish removal, you?ll be facing many problems as well as negative issues you dont want to deal and spend too much time into. The heaps of rubbish lying around is somewhat a common picture in most of the urban areas. The massive mountains of garbage simply exasperate bad odors. These heaps can attract insects and pests to bear harmful diseases. Without any sort of regular rubbish removal and clearance as well as construction waste removal and building waste services in London, your environment will be in great danger.


junk removal services


junk removal services

Beautiful and clean environment

- Making rubbish removal a routine simply ensures a beautiful and clean environment. It simply keeps your premises neat and clean, ensuring you a healthy environment. You stay far beyond the risk of many infectious diseases caused by the detrimental microorganisms. If you want a supply of fresh oxygen, this is what you need to do.


No more health issues

- Making rubbish removal a routine simply ensures a beautiful and clean environment. It simply keeps your premises neat and clean, ensuring you a healthy environment. You stay far beyond the risk of many infectious diseases caused by the detrimental microorganisms. If you want a supply of fresh oxygen, this is what you need to do - no more health issues, aside from ensuring beautiful environment, proper waste disposal can surely help you eliminate various diseases caused by insects such as flies, rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. These pests carries different kind of diseases, such as plague, malaria, cholera and they can be dangerous and deadly. This is the reason why it should be your duty to remove the trash from your premises as soon as possible. So, make it sure that you always take an early rubbish removal London.



- Mostly, everyone will agree that large pile of junk in front or behind your garden simply creates absurdity and oddity. Similarly, your home will also lose its beauty with all these garbage and heaps. As the consequence, your friends and family will not like you for an unhygienic and dirty kind of living. Your house reflects your how clean you are as a person, so better do this.


Junk Removal Services

With all of these benefits, it is still quite impossible for every household to do a regular junk removal service and rubbish clearance. This is the reason why you need Eco RUbbish company to do it for you. There are actually a number of companies in London offering such services. However, hiring the one suitable to your needs and budget will be a good idea. There?s no need for you to lavishly spend for clearance and rubbish removal so call Rubbish Masters on 020 7101 4068 as we have many happy customers and our aim is 100% of customer satisfaction.


Building Waste Disposal

You can look online for various companies and help yourself out about which company suits your needs best but with Eco Rubbish you dont need to worry about anything, we come and do the job at the best price, we are friendly and accurate, always on time and we leave your place clean and tidy. You can also compare our prices and see what others can do to help you with all of the rubbish in your garden or yard areas but again, we give you the best deals. So you found the perfect company, you can easily hire us for a regular rubbish removal and clearance as well as building waste services, such as Construction waste removal and building waste disposal. So, what are you waiting for? If you want a clean environment and healthier living, this is what you need. Get rid of the pests, diseases and other problems with this simple solution - Rubbish Masters is here for you.